Our world goes through 4 seasons a year. These 4 seasons are Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. It’s beautiful to be able to see these changes happen right before our eyes.

Each season bring changes to our surrounding and ourselves. Use each season to reflect on yourself. Consider each new season as a new start instead of waiting for a new year to begin. We tend to accomplish more things in a short term than long term. Mostly because our minds and attitude keeps changing like the seasons do.

Here are a few suggestions  you may want to try:

1- Declutter your household. Try donating, selling, or up-cycling your treasures.

2- Research and seek a new hideaways to enjoy on your own or with your family. Getting away for a few hours or a weekend may uplift your spirit.

3-Take a moment to mediate. While you mediate practice on breathing.

4-Sign up for a class, either educational or pleasure. Keep your mind and body active.

5-Join a meet up group. What a perfect way to meet new friends, share your hobby, or to try something new.

6-Work on saving. Saving for something special maybe very rewarding at the end.

7-Write a blog. You may chose to make this public or private.

8-Particpate in a triathlon or in any type of running event. You don’t have to be a professional runner to participate. Run, jog, or walk your way to the finish line.

9-Find happiness. Ask yourself what is happiness. Do you want happiness just for the moment or for a super long time?

10-Try not to set expectations on everything. Just go with the flow.  Expectations may end up being disappointing at the end and it will burst your bubble. You may want something or someone to be a certain way, but the universe may not want it to be that way for you. Shake it off!!!